Here's a picture from my 8/2000 trip to Crater Lake, OR.

I operated in the low-power ham radio event QRP TTF (To The Field) in April of 2001. The idea was to operate near a monolith or other space-related object in honor of 2001 A Space Odessy. Members of the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association operated under the call K4VPI. Other participants included N4GU, WA4DOX, N4EL, and KF4RGF.

Thanks to WA4DOX, Joe Price-O'Brien, for the picture.

See my 2001 Ham Radio Field Day page. Here's a picture from that event:

See my experience with Sirius Satellite Radio and the AudioVox SIRPNP2.

I struggled to work out the chords to Paul Taylor's Nightlife. Ditto for the chords to Eric Darius' Steppin' Up.

Adding an Effects Loop to the Fender Sidekick 15 Guitar Amp

Guitar Chords for Red Guitar by Cassandra Wilson

Here are some personal projects: